Raising calves in calf hutches

A workshop presented by Wynn-with Milk Farm and YOLO

If you are curious about how to use calf hutches to raise your very young calves in individual housing, then this workshop is for you. We’ll demonstrate the step-by-step protocols for setting-up and moving hutches, disinfecting feeding buckets and improving worker hygiene practices. Although calf hutches are a stand-alone, mobile, calf-housing solution, they are also a great supplement to existing housing structures.

In July 2017, Juanita Dedwith took on the task of overseeing the raising of calves on the Wynn-with farm, Rockridge. She came into the role with a BSc Animal Science, and MSc Reproductive Physiology (in sheep) and work experience in an embryo lab. Her focus on hygiene, worker training and step-by-step protocols, as well as her hands-on approach, substantially reduced their mortality rate within a few months.

Wynn-with Milk Farm raises calves throughout the year and they have used calf hutches for decades. They favour individual, outdoor housing for being able to observe and provide care for calves individually, and for exposure to the sun – a natural disinfectant. Their daily calf-care routines are aimed at being efficient and effective, providing their calves with the best care possible to achieve optimal health and growth, ensuring that the calf grows into a cow with the best production potential.

YOLO is based in the town of Parys. Their calf hutches were designed in partnership with Wynn-with Milk Farm. The YOLO Moo Igloo is 1.7m long, 1.15m wide and 1.1m high. It is manufactured by a rotomoulding process from UV-stabilised, high-quality polyethylene. The YOLO Moo Igloo is strong and robust, and it has been designed for hard use and the outdoors.

The ‘Raising calves in calf hutches’ workshop takes place on Friday 9 February 2018 from 10h00 to 13h00 at Wynn-with’s Rockridge Farm, which is located just outside of Parys. During the workshop, Juanita will demonstrate their routines related to using calf hutches to raise calves, their hygiene protocols and tips and tricks that she has implemented to achieve the best success. She’ll demonstrate how they move the hutches, disinfect feeding buckets and hutches and how she picks up if a calf is ill even before diarrhea sets in. Juanita will gladly answer your questions too.

Please RSVP to Lisa by noon on Wednesday, 7 February 2018.

Mobile: 082 936 2509

email: yolo@yolocolours.co.za

website: www.yolocolours.co.za/yellow

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.


Raising calves in calf hutches (workshop) 9 February 2018
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